Cast List

The Cast for The Next Show...

The cast for our 2019 show Celebrate the Season has been decided!


The Girls

Bex Brown
Mims Knight
Laura Skelton
Carlene Goggin-Jones
Ellie Bugg
Sara Hedges
Bernie Harker
Roisin Comerford
Misela Panajotova
Gabriela Panajotova
Elle Tovey
Debbie Alban
Ruth Dawson-Jones
Zoe Collen
Jo Hillman
Trudy Johnson
Dawn Kenny
Julie Ford
Lucy Dudley
Evelyn Privitera
Vicky Kyte
Jacque Cook
Mary Phillips
Charlotte Roberts
Annie Lloyd-Jones
Jen Dudley

The Boys

Dave Alban
Ken Knight
Sean Powell
Russ Dudley
Stuart Southern
Allan Dudley
Max Allen
Sam Dudley
Lee Card
Darren Harber
Brendan Meaklim
Dan Adams
Pete Ford
Steve Carley
Drew Crow
Tom Sawyer
Royston Gething
David Rippe
Kieran Mandell-Wilkins

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