Charities for 2019 Show “Celebrate the Season” anounced

Worcester Musical Theatre Company announce that for their 2019 show  “Celebrate the Season” they will be supporting two charities.

Acorns provides babies, children and young people aged 0-18 years who have life limiting or life threatening conditions and associated complex needs with a network of specialist palliative nursing care and support.

In the last year we supported 870 children and 1,140 families, including those who are bereaved.

Aims and Objectives

To promote and protect good health among children, in particular by:​

  • Raising awareness of childhood cancer​.
  • Education on the early signs and symptoms of childhood cancer, promoting earlier diagnosis.​
  • Provision of grants for research into the causes and treatments of paediatric solid tumours, concentrating in particular on rarer solid cancer types, including malignant rhabdoid tumours, AT/RT tumours, rhabdomyosarcoma and undifferentiated sarcomas.​
  • Support for families of children with rhabdoid tumours and other rare aggressive solid tissue tumours.

Funding vital research
Research into childhood solid tumours is very underfunded. Currently the GKLT is funding two research programmes into rhabdoid and other rare solid tumours to help search for better and kinder treatments for children with these aggressive tumours.



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